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U-Jam Fitness Classes with Victoria Kennington

Victoria is a dedicated health and fitness professional with a passion for empowering others to live their healthiest lives. With certifications from UJAM Fitness and NASM Group Exercise, Victoria has honed her skills in leading effective and engaging workout classes. With a holistic approach to fitness she strives to educate and inspire others to make positive lifestyle changes. When she's not teaching fitness classes, Victoria enjoys indulging in her love for rocks and minerals, which fuels her curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. Above all, faith is the driving force in Victoria's life, guiding her actions and outlook.

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Why Take U-Jam?

Looking to change up your workout? Look no further than U-Jam classes! Not only will you get an amazing cardio workout, but you'll also get to unleash your inner dancer and groove to some sick beats. With easy-to-follow choreography and a high-energy atmosphere, you'll forget you're even exercising. Plus, U-Jam classes are perfect for all fitness levels, so you can bring your friends and family along for the ride. And let's not forget the best part: you'll leave class feeling like a total superstar, ready to conquer anything the day throws your way. So, grab your dancing shoes and come join the U-Jam party!

“Yay Tori! I love her UJAM class! Looking forward to dancing with her soon."

Amalia R.

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