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Shani Brown posing in bellydance costume

Bellydance Classes with Shani Brown

Shani is an experienced dancer of Oriental and North African styles of dance. She first began her bellydance training in the lively city of Chicago, where she honed her skills in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Tunisian Folkloric dance. During her time in Chicago, she frequently performed at cultural festivals and restaurants, often with the accompaniment of a live band. After moving to California, Shani shifted her focus to teaching Zumba Fitness and Bellydance in Escondido. On top of that, Shani is the owner of Shimmy Studio.

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Why Take Bellydance?

Oh, let me tell you, taking bellydance classes is the perfect way to shake things up and spice up your life! Not only will you get to move your body in fun and unique ways, but you'll also be tapping into your inner goddess and unleashing your feminine energy. Plus, who doesn't want to shimmy and shake their way through a workout? Trust me, once you start learning those mesmerizing hip drops and undulations, you'll be hooked and itching to show off your new moves at every opportunity. So come on, let's shimmy and shake our way to a more joyful and confident version of ourselves!

Shani is an amazing belly dance teacher. She is well versed in multiple styles of belly dance and accompanying music. She is good at breaking down movements and teaching multiple levels in the same class. Most importantly, Shani has an outgoing and loving personality that makes our classes feel like a group of friends. Her classes enrich my life! ❤️

Holly A.

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