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Teach Your Class at Shimmy Studio

Do you have classes that you'd like to teach? We've got the space for you. Located in central Escondido, the location is easy to find and easy to use—not to mention, free good vibes.

Why choose Shimmy Studio for your classes?

Who teaches at Shimmy Studio?

We cater to adult dance and fitness teachers of all types offering diverse  classes to North County SD. Whether you teach Zumba, Pilates, yoga, bellydancing, hip-hop dance, ballroom dance, barre, HIIT, aerobics, kickboxing, tai chi, mobility training, primal movement, or something in between, we'd love to add your class to the schedule.

Let's get started!

Let us know what type of class you're interested in teaching and any other details that can help us start the conversation.

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch soon.

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