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Shani Brown

Founder & Lead Dancer

Introducing Shani, a mesmerizing belly dancer whose journey in the world of belly dance began in 2003. Shani trained extensively in the art of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian Folkloric Dances and holds a deep affinity for North African dances, specializing particularly in Tunisian Dance. Her expertise and knowledge extend to Andalucian flamenco arabé fusion and Greek Tsftiteli. Shani's energetic performances are rooted in culture and exude strength and passion.

With every movement, Shani invites her audience on a captivating journey through the rhythms and traditions of the Middle East and North Africa, leaving an indelible impression with her grace, skill, and unwavering passion for the dance.

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Rogelio Corcolis

Master Darbuka Drummer

Rogelio Corcolis, a seasoned Darbuka drummer based in San Diego, CA, has been immersed in the captivating rhythms of MENAT (Middle Eastern and North African) and world music since 2008. With a profound passion for percussion, he has become a driving force in the local music scene. With a unique Greek-Latin heritage, Rogelio’s music is a captivating blend that resonates through a decade of playing for bellydancers across Tijuana, Ensenada, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

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Sergio Villegas


Sergio D Tala offers a combination of Spanish Guitar and Mediterranean repertoire to create a uniquely expressive style with music to add the perfect touch to your event.

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Myriam Santos-Galvin

Event Coordinator

Myriam is charming, organized, and thoughtful. With a degree in Hospitality, her event experience ranges from professional makeup artist to performer to event coordinator. Her range of talents make events enjoyable and unforgettable!

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