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How to Hire Live Performers for Your Wedding Without Losing Your Shimmy!

Getting ready to tie the knot and want to add some sparkle to your special day with live performers? Don’t worry, darling, we’ve got you covered! Follow this checklist to hire the perfect live entertainment for your wedding without breaking a sweat (or a heel)!


Your Checklist

1 / Define Your Dream Scene

Before you dive into the sea of sequins and saxophones, decide what vibe you’re aiming for. Romantic serenades? Energetic belly dancing? Aside from the guests of honor (you and your partner), each wedding has some VIPs who will be on your mind. Ask yourself how much you want to accomodate their tastes. The choice is yours, but make it fabulous and stick to it! 

2 / Budget Like a Boss

You're setting aside a portion of your wedding budget for live entertainment. This can range widely based on the act's experience, local fame, and performance length. On average, you might spend anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for a solo musician, $1,500 to $4,000 for a live band, and $500 to $2,500 for a specialty act like belly dancers. Remember, investing in top-notch entertainment ensures your wedding is a hit, so don't be afraid to allocate a little extra for that unforgettable performance!

3 / Research & Revel

Start scouting for performers early. Attend gigs, watch videos, and read reviews. Fall in love with an act? Great! But keep your options open, darling, just like you did before you found "the one."

4 / Meet & Greet

Arrange meetings or phone calls with potential performers. It’s like speed dating, but with more glitter! Discuss their experience, your expectations, and see if the vibe is just right. If they struggle to understand your vision or you struggle to understand theirs, this can be a yellow flag. Move on or schedule a different type of meeting.

5 / Talk the Talk

Get down to details. Discuss the length of performances, number of sets, and any special requests you have (like that one song you’ve dreamed of since you were five).

6 / Space Out

Check if your venue can accommodate your entertainment choices. Belly dancers need room to twirl, and bands need space to rock. Don’t cram your performers into a corner!

7 / Money Matters

Get clarity on the fees, deposits, and payment schedules. Be clear about what you’re willing to spend, but remember – skimping on entertainment is like wearing polyester to your wedding: proceed with caution!

8 / Seal the Deal

Sign contracts or agreements with your performers. This isn’t just a pinky promise; get everything in writing to avoid last-minute hitches.

9 / Plan B, Baby

Always have a backup plan. Performers can have emergencies too, so ensure there’s a stand-in ready to keep the party pumping! Spotify is loaded with wedding playlists that could save you in a pinch.

10 / Relax & Revel

Once everything is booked, take a deep breath and focus on other things, like how fabulous you’ll look. On your big day, let the professionals handle the show while you soak in the love and adoration!

Remember, hiring live performers for your wedding should be as enjoyable as the event itself. Keep it light, keep it fun, and let the magic of live entertainment elevate your celebration to legendary status! Shimmy on, you soon-to-be-wed superstar!

Is live music and belly dance part of your vision for your special day? We got you covered.

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