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Tango Fitness Classes with Denise Buosi

Originally from Argentina, Denise is a Certified Health Coach,Certified Personal Trainer, and a Tango dancer and instructor. She discovered tango almost 20 years ago, and since there Denise has been dancing, performing, and teaching in both, Buenos Aires, and the United States. Bringing together her passion for tango, health, and fitness, Denise created Tango Fitness, a dance fitness class designed to help women improve their physical fitness and explore the sounds and movements of Tango. Her goal is to provide a unique workout experience that is fun, effective, and inspiring.

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Why Take Tango Fitness?

Tango Fitness offers a blend of fitness fundamentals and tango dance. It's designed to deliver a full-body workout that's not just effective, but entertaining too! No matter your fitness level, the low-impact, high-repetition strength training paired with simple dance routines ensures a class that is as accessible as it is invigorating.


As the heart-pounding beats of modern Argentine tango music fill the studio, you'll find yourself transported, moving to the rhythm while engaging your muscles and boosting your cardiovascular fitness. It's a perfect fusion of aerobic and resistance training that will leave you feeling stronger, fitter, and more toned. Plus, you'll enjoy the added bonus of dancing skills that will make you the star of any dance floor! With Tango Fitness, every workout is a celebration – a unique experience that sparks joy, fuels fitness, and keeps motivation high. So, come join us and add some flair to your fitness journey!

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